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Early Childhood Care and Education Authority

The Early Childhood Care and Education Authority (ECCEA) is a parastatal body operating under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Tertiary Education and Scientific Research which promotes and provides pre-school education and services in the Republic of Mauritius. The ECCEA formerly known as Pre School Trust Fund (set up in 1984) came into operation in June 2008. The Early Childhood Care and Education Authority Act 2007 was proclaimed on 16 June 2008.


Provision of quality preschool education within a safe, inclusive and child friendly environment.


The ECCEA aims at providing equal access for all children to quality pre-schooling including those at risk of delayed development and disabilities and those coming from conditions of vulnerability, through a child-centered and play-based approach, with the involvement of the parents.


The Authority shall –

implement policies of Government with regard to early childhood care and education in the Republic of Mauritius.                                                              

  implement projects, programmes and activities on early childhood care and education initiated by the Ministry in collaboration with line Ministries, non-governmental organizations or local and international agencies.

  set norms and standards for play equipment, play materials, play space, furniture, books and children’s literature used by educational institutions.

   carry out the registration and supervision of educational institutions, their managers, educators and other staff engaged in early childhood care and education.

     advise on the development of training programmes on early childhood care and education for educators and other staff in educational institutions.

  administer payment of any form of grants to registered educational institutions and manage grants in collaboration with the relevant Ministries.

    take such action as may be appropriate, in collaboration with relevant line Ministries and authorities, to prevent any form of violence, including sexual abuse, negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, on young children.


    The Authority shall have such powers as are necessary to enable it to effectively attain its objects and discharge its functions and may, in particular, raise funds and secure financial and other support for its activities.




Kiddy Science Fair ( 3- 5 October 2018)



Kiddy Science Fair ( November 2016)


Kiddy Science Fair ( 22 - 23 October 2015)


The Early Childhood Care and Education Authority in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre organised a Kiddy Science Fair and some 120 ECCEA pre-primary schools have participated.


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